The helpful care giving experts at Regency Home Care Atlanta want to help answer questions about in home senior care Atlanta. When it’s time to find help with living independently and staying in your home, the most important question to ask is, “What are the pros and cons of elderly home care?”

Most aging individuals will agree that the best goal is to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. When aging takes its toll, and this becomes more difficult, it’s time to turn to outside help to ease the stress on family. For some, it may be a factor of simply needing someone to run errands, provide transportation to and from doctor appointments, or to do household chores. For others, this may involve more intense self care or closer monitoring for health concerns. You could arrange for a care giver to visit on specific days of the week, daily, or at other set times. Live-in care givers are also an option.

What are the pros and cons of elderly home care?

One major pro is that your loved one is able to stay in the surroundings they are familiar with. Many prefer to stay where they have memories and where their belongings are as well as other factors that make their house their home.

Another pro is that in-home care allows your loved one to retain their independence for as long as possible. Even if they are to the point of being cared for around the clock, there is a certain level of comfort and feeling of independence knowing they are in their own home. This helps keep them mentally aware and boosts their self-esteem.

A big pro for staying in their home and using in-home assistance is that they remain close to their neighbors, and friends. Also, family members are able to visit whenever they want.

A possible con would be that home care can be costly. Any option for elderly care is going to cost money, but home care can add up fast.

Another downside is if your loved one does not want a live-in care giver whom they don’t know. Additionally, aging individuals often don’t realize how much help they actually need and may resist the notion. Finding the right personality and level of expertise can be a tricky balance as well.

Making the adjustments inside the home can be time-consuming and costly. Safety measures include making sure there are rails, possibly a stair lift, and ensuring there are no risk areas for tripping or falling. It may involve getting a hospital bed or bedside commode or a lift. It could mean making a house wheelchair accessible, and making sure there is a walk-in shower with chair or a walk-in tub. When they have maneuvered their home for years, they may resist making these necessary changes.

When making the decision for in-home elder care, it is important to respect the decision and wishes of the aging person, provided they are not in a state of dementia. Home care for the elderly within their own home has many pros and cons to consider. All aspects need to be carefully explored before making the decision they are happy to live with and can afford.

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