What are the pros and cons of home care for the seniors?

When it comes to elderly care Atlanta, staying in your own home has its advantages. Regency Home Care Atlanta offers some great options for in home senior care in the Atlanta area.

We are all growing older. Even so, thinking about who will care for us as we age or whether we will be able to remain in our home that we love is not something most people talk about regularly. This changes quickly when we watch someone we care about begin to enter into the stages of old age and begin to suffer from some of the ill effects of aging.

Some seem to age gracefully and growing older doesn’t seem to be an issue of consequence. These seniors tend to continue to be independent and on the go for a very long time. Others find daily life of aging to be a challenge. Even daily tasks become a chore that requires assistance. Getting around and remaining mobile is often a struggle.

With every weighty decision of life, there are pros and cons to the choices. Some pros of staying home for as long as possible while having an in-home care giver visit regularly include:


Receiving senior home care means that you stay in the surroundings you are familiar with. All of your memories are in that house. You know the hallways, where the light switches are, and all of your belongings are in their place. This familiar home is quite possibly the home where you raised a family or share plenty of other memories. It is often more comforting and reassuring to stay in the home you love than to leave it all and move into an unfamiliar care center.


There is a feeling of independence that comes with having the freedom to live how you want to in the privacy of your own home. Just being able to get up in the middle of the night, go to the fridge, and pour yourself a glass of milk feels good when you’ve made the choice to do it. Staying in the surroundings that are familiar promotes a sense of independence which builds confidence.

Friends and Family Visits

When you are in your own home, neighbors, friends, and family members are able to come visit whenever it is convenient. Neighbors are nearby if you need them or just nice to socialize with over the fence.

Modify the Home And Care Schedule to Fit Needs

It is fairly easy to modify your home and care schedule to fit your needs rather than up heaving everything and moving into a retirement or nursing facility where everything is unknown and unfamiliar and on their timetable. When you opt for in-home senior care, you decide when and how often a care giver will show up. Getting used to any new schedule is always an adjustment, but in-home health care does allow for a care giver to work around your schedule and does not require that you change everything you’ve ever known about life to fit it into a therapist or an activity’ director’s schedule.

Of course, every choice includes some cons. The possible down sides of elder home care include:

Costly Decision

Like any professional senior care, in-home care does come with a cost. Most, however, find that home health care is quite a bit more affordable than nursing home or retirement center fees and cost of living.


While in-home care can cater to your needs and work around your schedule, they may not always be there when you need them. For instance, if you hire someone to come to your home for Tuesday and Thursday each week, you may find that you need help on Saturday that you didn’t need on Thursday.

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