Sleep disorders are common in senior citizens. As you age, you experience changes to sleep patterns. Thus, you may experience an issue in falling asleep, get less quality sleep, wake up often in the evening and early in the morning. This can result in health issues like augmented risk for falling as well as daytime fatigue.

A lot of seniors experience an issue in maintaining a good night’s sleep, and not so much falling asleep. A lot of studies revealed that behavioral therapies are the best treatment that doesn’t have unwanted harmful effects.

Talk to an expert from Atlanta home health care if your loved one has experienced difficulty with sleep. You might see perks from medication or lifestyle changes; it all depends on the cause.

Common Sleep Disorders Experience by Senior Citizens

Sleep Apnea

A lot of seniors commonly suffer from age-related sleep disorders. Patients who snore heavily and usually are drowsy even after hours of sleep might be experiencing from sleep apnea. This is a condition which takes place once the airways are restricted and the sleeper stops breathing many times per night, thus avoid them from experiencing restorative sleep. Sleep apnea can be diagnosed at a sleep clinic and normally needs continuous positive airways pressure equipment to help the patient breathe properly. Sleep apnea is a very serious condition which can result in heart failure in due course; patients who receive treatment often report feeling more alert as well as well-rested.

Another common issue for seniors is insomnia. Not being able to fall asleep or waking up many times per night can be due to a lot of different factors, which include pain-related health problems like arthritis, stress, and wake up earlier. On the other hand, people stick to their usual routine and might stay up too late at night.

RLS or Restless Legs Syndrome
This is a disorder which causes an uncontainable impulse to move the legs, normally due to an uncomfortable feeling. Usually, it occurs in the nighttime or evening when you are lying down. Moving can ease the unpleasant feeling for the moment.

This sleep disorder can start notwithstanding the person’s age. However, it worsens once you reach the age of 50 and above. It can disturb your sleep that affects your daily routine. Lifestyle changes and self-care steps can help address this issue. Medications can also help people with this condition.

In-Home Care Service Helps Combat Sleep Disorders

Regency Home Care of North Atlanta is a in home health care Atlanta Service, providing dedicated nursing care to support people suffering from variety of sleep disorders. Regency In-home care, Atlanta, provides a comprehensive array of care services for people with sleep disorders, as they recognize that an undiagnosed sleep issue, without proper treatment can worsen or result in serious health problems. In the case of Insomnia and Sleep Apnea, a cozy atmosphere and familiar surroundings are ideal when caring for a loved one with a sleeping problems.

We offer home care assistance to meet your loved one’s specific care needs related to sleeping challenges– so they can enjoy sound sleep. Our top rated Alzheimer’s caregivers and Home Health Aides are specially trained to deal with such challenges which allow your loved one to remain safe, happy, and healthy at home for as long as possible.