When it comes to technology, the elderly are often resistant to learning something new or to change. Yet, there are so many benefits to combining technology with elder care. Seniors and technology make the perfect combination for safer aging in place with these tips from Regency Home Care of North Atlanta who offer senior care in Atlanta. At the very least every senior living alone needs to have the ability to contact family members at the touch of a button through a text or phone call. From a fall call button to apps on a cell phone, there is plenty of capability at our fingertips to help enrich the lives of seniors safer and make them more comfortable living on their own.

Home security systems are very important for everyone, especially elderly living alone. Some detect motion, while others even have full camera systems in place to give you peace of mind. Set it up to automatically call for help or so that a loved one close by will be alerted. This is especially helpful for those with early signs of dementia who may be prone to wander off. Some may even be able to connect to Personal care homes in Atlanta. Others will go a few steps beyond monitoring for break ins and notify you when smoke is detected, broken glass occurs, or the room temperatures become too hot or too cold.

Call buttons are a must have for every senior and is essential for those living alone. They call for help should you fall and alert a loved one. Some work only while you are at home, while others are able to detect a fall or allow you to call for help while you’re out and about as well.

Smart lights that use motion detection to shine a light in dimly lit areas where you could fall are helpful and conserve energy. The light only turns on when motion is detected and stays lit long enough for you to find your way without stumbling. Place one on outside walkways, and between the bedroom and the bathroom.

Alexa from Amazon, or similar in-home systems, is a fast way to connect to the internet. It also has the ability to send digitized medical information to your doctor, track glucose levels, schedule appointments, and allow you to quickly and easily research medical information.

Telehealth is a digital way to limit doctor office visits. Receive 24/7 consultations from board-certified physicians, and mental health experts. Other medical care needs are met through technology without you having to leave your home. These include video chats with a doctor, medication management to call for refills and to ensure you are taking the right medicine dosage at the right times.

Seniors are prime candidates for scammers, so putting good fraud protection in place is essential for elderly living alone. Use apps to check neighborhood crime or suspicious activity close by, to secure financial transactions, monitor credit and use of social security number, and to reduce robocalls.

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