gadgetIf you’ve ever spent half an hour searching for your own car keys or your purse or wallet for that matter, you’ll absolutely love this awesome new gadget that claims to help people “never lose anything ever again.” Furthermore, if you provide elder care or senior care for a loved one who frequently misplaces items and then becomes worried, you will find immeasurable benefit in being able to quickly locate lost items and put your loved one’s mind at ease in just seconds.

Tile is a tiny device that can be attached to keys, slipped into a wallet or purse, or attached to a television remote control or glasses case, and it works with your smartphone to help you detect items within a 50 to 150 foot range that have a Tile clipped on them. But what is even more interesting is that if your lost item isn’t nearby, for instance if it is stolen or lost while you are in transit, you can ask all other Tile App users to watch for it. If their smartphones get near the item, their phones will beep and they can alert you.

Tile has some very useful and practical applications for those providing assisted living to older adults in their own homes. Many seniors who are experiencing cognitive decline can tend to put personal belongings in places that they can’t recall when they are looking for them later. These can include everyday items like television remote controls and glasses, to valuable items like jewelry boxes and small heirlooms. Not being able to find the items then causes emotional turmoil with the older adult. If caregivers can solve the problem faster by finding the item easily, everyone wins and less stress is experienced by both the older adult and the caregiver.

Tiles are good for one year of use, and then need to be recycled. The company will send you an envelope to return and recycle your expiring Tile, and can send you a new one if you renew for another year of use. Regency Home Care of Georgia provides elder care or senior care for a loved one and is always interested in finding smart, new ways to help older adults live better lives. To learn more about our home care services in Buckhead, Dunwoody, Marietta, Atlanta and Roswell GA, contact us today.

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