July is Social Wellness Month which brings awareness to how important it is to have a network of friends, family, and caregivers. Regency Home Care Atlanta believes that social wellness is very important especially when it comes to senior home care. Growing a strong healthy network can often prove challenging for aging individuals who live alone or have family far away.

So, what exactly is Social Wellness Month? It takes place throughout the month of July and focuses on the wholeness that comes from a healthy support team who surround us to be there for us as we age. Social wellness involves emotional and physical well-being.

When someone feels cared for, they feel more secure and self-assured. Sometimes this means knowing when to ask for help with physical needs like housekeeping or driving to and from doctor appointments. It also means knowing who to turn to for informational support when additional resources are needed to help connect.

Community is vital in healthy living as seniors grow older. It is important that aging loved ones feel cared for and that they have someone to turn to in times of need or crisis. Social wellness means nurturing relationships and taking care of yourself so you can be there for others. It entails giving and receiving social support through family, friends, and care givers.

Healthy relationships are an important piece of an aging loved one’s health. When someone does not feel connected with a healthy social network of family and friends, they also risk developing health issues. Being alone or isolated is comparable to the health risks connected to cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, or even obesity. Studies reveal that those who have a strong, healthy social network tend to live longer than those who do not. Those with healthy social support tend to have healthier hearts, endocrine systems, cardiovascular function, better immune systems, and blood pressure readings. They also respond better to stress.

Regency home care helps the aging and their family members enjoy a good quality of life by providing important pieces of the social and health connection, even providing transportation to and from appointments. Regency home care comes alongside the help of family members and doctor’s orders. We offer in home senior care in Atlanta that you can depend on and trust. We help keep the elderly stay as independent as possible for as long as they can.
Contact us for more information on social wellness and private duty care in Atlanta. We are your partner in care to help with senior concerns including staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible with a solid social support network. In home care Atlanta GA also helps with safe, reliable transportation to health-related appointments and procedures, running errands, preparing nutritious meals, and coming alongside seniors to help them stay in their home for as long as possible.

While Social Wellness Month takes place in July, establishing a healthy network of caregivers, family and friends is important year-round. When you cannot be there for your aging loved one, trust the caring team of in-home senior care Atlanta. Call the home health care in Atlanta experts at Regency Home Care at (678) 999-2446 to learn more!