As your parents start to age, they begin to need a bit of help with regular activities. When evaluating your options, you must consider employing Senior Home Care Atlanta. Below are amazing reasons this choice is a smart one, which will benefit everybody involved.

  1. Full Control

Here at Regency Home Care, we believe in working with you and your loved ones so they not only simply retain total control over what’s happening in their lives, we will also make sure they feel like they aren’t alone in the decision-making stage. When a plan is made, your loved ones have the freedom to recommend changes or request something else to be included. Concerns are always addressed and heard, so they get the best result.

  1. Help with Household Chores

Senior Home Care Atlanta GA organizes help with household tasks, in which elderly individuals start to find it difficult to perform. They could load and unload your dishwasher, make the bed and change the linen, do aload of laundry, or prepare meals, and do other light housekeeping chores. Should your senior require it, we could also lend a hand with bathing and dressing.

  1. Recommending Supportive Programs

Your dad and mom may become socially isolated by simply sitting in the house. Our staff from Elderly Care Atlanta can step in and recommend supportive programs. This will keep your loved ones active within the community. This might include watching a local play or movie, going on a shopping trip, or other outside social activities.

  1. Support with Medical Needs

You might not be able to take off your work to facilitate medications to your parents regularly. You might not also be able to bring them to their scheduled doctor appointments. This is where our In-Home Senior Care Atlanta truly shines.

Our staff will not simply remind your loving parents when it is time to take their medications. With our Skilled Nursing License and Proxy Caregivers, we can set up and administer their medications, including providing full support for diabetics including injections. We will also coordinate doctor visits and rides to and from those visits.

  1. Costs are Slight

Nursing home facilities could easily eat up all the savings of your parents. Careful consideration of a well-designed program of support services with Atlanta In-Home Care shouldn’t cost you as much as seeking a permanent placement for your parents.

  1. Your Seniors Preserve Their Dignity

Elderly people might need assistance here and there. It’s often difficult for them to request it. Leaving their home for a full-time care facility is stressing, and it does not present as much freedom as staying at home with assistance from Atlanta Elderly home Care.

We are dedicated, and we will work on behalf of our clients, making sure they live as healthy and happy of a life as possible. What’s more, there is nothing more relaxing than the safety and warmth your home offers.

Schedule a home visit today with Regency Home Care to know how your parents could start getting the assistance they need. Our staff will take stock of your loved one’s support needs, and we will make a plan, which works best for everyone involved!