Few things are more beautiful than a home decorated for the holidays. All the lights, trees, ornaments, and tchotchkes seem to put even the grinchiest of grinches in the holiday spirits. However, for an elderly person, holiday décor can also be hazardous. When you’re decking your halls this season, keep the safety of your older loved ones in mind with these tips:

  • Use simple, non-cluttered decorations. Make certain there is plenty of room to walk.
  • Don’t spread extension cords across the floor.
  • Use colorful paper garlands strung high instead of breakable objects placed within reach.
  • Remove anything a frail elderly person may stumble over.
  • Replace candles with bright centerpieces of fruit or flowers.
  • Make sure all locations are properly lit, including doorways inside and out. Dim holiday lighting can hide tripping hazards and make it harder for seniors to see their way around furniture.
  • In the guest bedroom, make sure that any light switches are accessible from the bed or a nearby chair.
  • Keep floors clutter-free.
  • Arrange furniture so that older people with mobility issues can move around it easily.
  • Designate a room or special area where children can play with new toys while seniors are visiting.

Think an older loved one might need some extra help? Sometimes spending time with frail seniors over the holidays uncovers a need for extra care at home, whether the need is for a few hours a week or several hours a day. For tips on how to open the conversation about home care or to learn more about home care Atlanta GA, contact Regency Home Care of Atlanta today.