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Regency Home care Georgia offers Atlanta’s and North Atlanta’s Top Quality Home Healthcare Enhanced Through Proxy Caregivers.

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In Georgia, an unlicensed person trained by an RN is now permitted to provide health maintenance activities, such as medication administration. This process, involving an in-depth training and certification process, results in what’s known as a proxy caregiver.

Regency Home Care of Georgia is one of the few elite senior home care agencies that has embraced the proxy caregiver concept in order to extend our services to clients that simply need more support, particularly in the area of medication administration, than the coverage typically offered by other home care agencies.

Medication Oversight

A proxy caregiver can assist with medication oversight, with the following services available as a part of this process:

  • Review of medication regime and reminders
  • Blood sugar monitoring
  • Assistance with insulin injections
  • Vital signs monitoring prior to medication reminders or administration
  • Assistance with getting pills from source containers
  • Crushing medications with orders for specific medications
  • Assistance in eye drops and ear drops
  • Picking up medications or notifying family of the need
  • Coordinating with the nurse when the family is unable to clarify orders
  • RN review of side effects of various medications, including review with client doctor(s) where there are adverse reactions noted by the proxy caregiver

Proxy Caregiver Home Health Care in Atlanta, GA

With proxy caregiving, Regency Home Care can extend your Atlanta home health care services to include:

  • First aid and minor dressing changes
  • Ostomy care
  • Catheter care
  • Tube feeding

This may negate the need for additional Georgia home health care services and the associated cost and scheduling issues that could be necessary through other home care agencies that are not offering proxy caregiving services.

Proxy Caregiver Training

We provide all of our caregivers with the opportunity to attend an eight-hour training program which overviews basic knowledge in medication measurement, administration, documentation, side effects, and reporting. This training is followed by an examination in functional health literacy and proxy skills, as well as one-on-one training with our Director of Nursing (RN) in the home with the client who will be receiving proxy services. As a part of this process, the client or their representative, and their physician, must sign informed consent documents accepting the use of a proxy caregiver.

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