iStock_000040008716_Medium-1-300x200If you’ve walked beside a senior loved one struggling through a difficult diagnosis, perhaps you’ve felt the heart-dropping sensation that so many families experience when a doctor suggests looking into palliative care. Our society has somehow defined palliative care as a last resort endeavor to be avoided at all cost, but the aging care experts at Regency Home Care would like to clear up this misconception in an effort to help seniors throughout Atlanta to live more comfortable and fulfilling lives.

Although many misunderstand palliative care to be synonymous with end of life care, the true purpose of palliative care, however, is to bring relief from symptoms such as pain, vomiting and nausea that result from either a disease or from the treatment for that disease. Sometimes this does occur at the end of life.

Dr. Eric Widera, who practices palliative care at the University of California, San Francisco, explains, “We hear this all the time: ‘They’re not ready for palliative care,’ as if it’s a stage people have to accept, as opposed to something that should be a routine part of care.”

And although palliative care, like hospice care, focuses on improving quality of life, it’s beneficial at any stage in a patient’s illness for symptom management and can be used in tandem with curative treatments.

Studies are showing a myriad of benefits for patients and their families who choose palliative care, including significantly higher scores on quality of life assessments, less prevalence of depression and emergency room visits, and even longer survival rates.

Regency Home Care knows there is no place like home at any stage of life. Call us to find out how we can further assist with improving quality of life for seniors receiving palliative, hospice care or any other service your aging loved one requires. Our dedicated Senior Care Atlanta solutions include as little as one hour a day to around-the clock care for seniors throughout the Atlanta area. We provide a full-range of home care services with the goal of keeping our clients safe, healthy and independent. Palliative and hospice care are just two of the services we provide. Find out more by calling (678) 999-2446.