Aging in place at home is becoming more and more popular among today’s older adults. Unfortunately, accepting help when it is needed, even in the comfort of home, is not. It’s still quite common for older adults to feel uncomfortable with the idea of needing assistance and to object to having a “stranger” in the home to provide help. If your loved one objects to having help at home, try some of these tips to help smooth the transition:

  • Introduce the senior to the caregiver before care begins to help establish a relationship so that the caregiver is not perceived as a stranger.
  • If the senior is afraid of having someone he or she doesn’t know in the home, consider having a family member present for the first few visits.
  • Search for a caregiver who shares interests with the senior, like church or hobbies. This can make having a caregiver seem more like a friendship.
  • Make in-home care seem more attractive by laying out the alternatives for the senior, like having to move away from home, moving into an assisted living facility, etc.
  • Make it about you. Let the senior know that you know he or she is very independent, but having someone around will help you worry less.
  • Start small with a trial run. Have an in-home caregiver come in one day a week for a few hours just to tackle some light housekeeping or laundry and then build up to more care once the senior feels more comfortable.

Accepting help from others often makes people feel vulnerable or as if they are giving up their own independence. Have serious talks about care options and keep the conversation open if your loved one is resistant at first. In home care Atlanta caregivers, Regency Home Care, can help you navigate these difficult conversations and find the right care plan for your loved one’s needs. Contact us in North Atlanta to learn more about our home care services and to schedule a free in-home assessment.