Eating healthy is an important part of aging well. A good diet is very important for the best senior healthy living potential. Regency Home Care Atlanta wants to make sure your aging loved one is eating properly by following these nutrition tips for seniors.

Keep your recipes – Swap out ingredients

Maybe the doctor prescribed a special diet to follow. This doesn’t mean everything has to be tossed out to start with unfamiliar healthier foods. Many favorite recipes can be changed to meet new nutritional needs. All it takes is a few minor changes of ingredients.

Low sodium

A low-sodium diet doesn’t mean tasteless meals. Substitute salt for herbs and spices or try to add a splash of lemon juice. There are so many tasty options to lessen sodium intake.

Smaller meals

Eat smaller portions more frequently. Healthy snacks are a great part of a balanced diet. Eat when hungry, and not simply because the clock says its lunch time.

Review medications

Some drugs suppress appetite or cause nausea. Others can change the way food tastes. Talk to your doctor about any appetite changes you notice.


Staying at home makes it easy to fall into the habit of doing nothing but sitting around. Don’t fall into that trap. Add more physical activity that will, in turn, stimulate appetite and help keep depression at bay.

Eat with others

Dine with a friend or family member. Seniors who eat alone are less likely to eat a healthy diet. We eat better when we eat with others.

Home care helps

Trained, professional caregivers provide meal planning, grocery shopping, and companionship while the at-home senior enjoys delicious meals and snacks prepared for them.

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