It doesn’t take long throughout January before 92% of all Americans have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. For those of us who set the goal for the New Year’s resolutions to avoid family caregiver burnout, it’s very important to do all you can to stick to your ambitions and take steps to make sure you’re not burning out on caring for your loved one.

Here are some great tips to help avoid burnout for you as a caregiver in Atlanta, GA:

Step back and see the big picture – It’s very easy to get caught up in the everyday overwhelming tasks and forget that there is a bigger picture. Step back and take a look at what your efforts are producing. If it weren’t for you, your loved one would not be able to keep living in their home. Even though you may be exhausted, you are making a big difference in someone’s life.

Look for joy – Taking care of someone is tiring to say the least. It’s so consuming that it’s very easy to lose sight of what otherwise brings you joy. Don’t ever forget to find a reason to be happy. What brings a smile to your face? It’s OK to laugh and allow yourself to find pleasure if even in the seemingly smallest things or mundane tasks.

Cut yourself some slack – No doubt you have a kind heart and are compassionate. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be taking time to care for a loved one in the first place. Don’t forget that you are human and you need to be kind to yourself. After all, you would be kind to anyone else in the same position. Even if no one else is there for you to give you the encouragement and emotional boosts you need each day, be there for yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat someone else in your position. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you do well.

Caregiver agencies in Atlanta GA help you find help and support – Reach out and accept help from a local professional agency Caregiver Atlanta when necessary. You don’t have to do this all by yourself. If you do try to be a superhero, you will likely burnout and become depressed. When you allow others to help, you will then be more likely to meet all of the needs of your loved one.

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