June is set aside as National Safety Month. What better time to take a close look at home safety for the elderly who are still able to live at home? Regency Home Care has put together some helpful suggestions for Home Safety Month.

The most dangerous accidents that happen in the home include falls, poisonings, fires and burns. Make sure the aging adult you love is safe inside their own home by focusing on potential hazards that can be avoided.

Prevent falls

Falls are one of the most hazardous dangers that older adults face when living alone. Be sure to make sure walkways are free of clutter or objects that could potentially cause the senior to trip. Also, make sure all rugs have a nonslip back and don’t have an edge that is curled up to cause a trip. Install grab bars and handrails in the shower, tub, and on stairwells. Avoid wearing loose clothing that could catch on a handle or cause tripping. Also, make sure the home is well lit, especially walkways.

Avoid accidental poisoning

A hazard that may not seem obvious often happens by accident when it’s time to take prescription medications or even doing some household cleaning. Make sure that medications are carefully dispensed in containers that are marked for daily use, so no accidental overdose occurs. Another potential harmful poisoning could occur when using common household products. Make sure that all chemical products are kept in their original containers. Never mix household products together. Mixing bleach and ammonia, for instance, creates a toxic gas. The best idea for older adults living alone is to have someone else do the cleaning.

Stay safe during natural disasters or fire

Establish an emergency plan with clear instruction of what to do in case of a natural disaster, like a tornado. Also, have an evacuation plan in place in case of a fire. Have a fire extinguisher on hand near the kitchen. Better yet, have someone else prepare food for the elderly inside their own home or have them bring meals to them.

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