October is Emotional Wellness Month, and the helpful professionals at Regency Home Care Atlanta want to make sure your loved ones are cared for, including their emotional state. This includes learning to detect signs of depression, anxiety, and other emotional issues that aging adults may encounter.

Emotional wellness is about far more than walking around looking happy constantly. It is about being aware of your feelings and how they impact overall health, including mental, physical, and spiritual well being. The month of October is set aside to raise awareness about the importance of emotional wellness.

Your emotional well-being has powerful effects on overall health. Emotional stress or depression can lead to physical ailments, a weakened immune system, and overall poor health. Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” While attitude definitely plays a huge role in emotional wellness, there are many additional influences on emotional well-being. One of these factors is diet. Eating healthy, and drinking enough water is very important to overall emotional and physical health. Sleeping regular hours, and taking walks or partaking in proper exercise are also important parts of staying emotionally balanced. All of these things become increasingly difficult for the elderly.

Emotional wellness is being able to process feelings in a healthy and positive way while managing stress and learning better self care. Maintaining a healthy balance emotionally helps clear the mind to make healthy choices, establish meaningful relationships, and achieve goals of staying calm and content through the challenges of aging.

Good sleep and a healthy diet can have powerful effects on emotions. Depression and anxiety are often linked to lack of quality sleep or a poor diet that lacks nutritional value. High stress can lead to high blood pressure, ulcers, a weakened immune system, headaches, and chronic physical conditions such as diabetes.

A great way to start eliminating stress is to get a massage or to learn other relaxation techniques that ease anxiety. These include breathing exercises and other coping skills. Make sure your aging loved ones are not isolated. Check in on them often. Research indicates that connecting with loved ones offers healthy benefits. Additionally, a smile goes a long way in helping the elderly deal with stress and uncertainty. It seems as if it is even contagious. Studies have shown that humans unconsciously mimic the expressions of those around them.

Emotional Wellness Month is a reminder to slow down and prioritize mental health as an important part of personal well-being. It is also a reminder of how aging loved ones need personal care including attention to their mental state.

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