International Men’s Health Week happens every year in the first month of summer with the week of Father’s Day. This year, June 10-16 is set aside as Men’s Health Week 2020 to bring awareness to health issues that affect men. Regency Home Care wants to share with aging males the goal of Men’s Health Week which is to prevent and encourage early detection and treatment of disease and ailments that men face.

Some common aspects of aging that men face include physical weakness, loss of purpose, feeling dependent on others, and fear of developing dementia. Additionally, more men than ever before are finding themselves in the position of being the care giver to their spouse.


While men and women experience similar rates of Alzheimer’s Disease, vascular dementia is more prevalent among males.


Prostate conditions that aging men face can often be managed if caught early. Staying active, eating right, and getting the necessary checkups are all factors that men face.

Heart Disease

Men are more likely to succumb to a heart attack earlier in life than women. Heart disease encompasses issues of high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as tips to prevent heart attack or stroke.


Diabetes is a disease that tends to hit men more often than women. Once it strikes, men may develop complications at a higher rate than in females.

There are some good aspects of being an aging male. One is that men are generally perceived to be old at a later age than women who begin to show signs of aging in their physical appearance. Regardless, men who take charge of the issues that face males by reaching out for the help they need tend to age well and stay living independently in their own homes longer.

Regency Home Care Atlanta is here to help seniors age well inside their own homes for as long as possible. The best way for aging adults to stay in their homes longer is to get help from senior home care services. The helpful staff at Regency Home Care Atlanta is here to help set up and explain options to provide trusted hands-on assistance in the home to allow older adults to live life to the fullest for as long as possible.

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