161001_article1_transform-everyday-items-into-useful-senior-tools-300x200At Regency Home Care in north Atlanta, we believe that those who’ve ever passed a period of time with young children know what a treasure chest of creativity results from a basket filled with assorted odds and ends. Popsicle sticks, buttons, clothes pins, and paper clips can be changed from their normal ordinary uses into princesses, dragons, race cars, or a parade of teddy bears – the prospects are endless!

Simply because we become older doesn’t mean we need to lose the innovative ability to turn everyday products into something fresh! In fact, these creative ideas take everyday goods and convert them into helpful tools for senior adults!

  • Place a bar of soap inside an old stocking and hang from the shower, to help keep the soap from falling down into the bathtub and creating a fall danger. And, cleaning with the stocking-wrapped soap presents the extra benefit of exfoliation.
  • Wrap rubber bands around glasses to improve gripping effectiveness.
  • Secure a drinking straw to a drinking cup with a traditional wooden spring-operated clothes pin.
  • Use a drop of nail polish on phone buttons that are usually used most often, such as the “answer” button.

Even though high-tech gadgets are generally fascinating, research has revealed that the majority of mature individuals are usually hesitant to figure out how to use them, preferring to make use of items with which they’re presently comfortable.

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