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You want your loved one to get the care they need, but it seems the options are all-too-often limited to large institutions or insufficient care at home.

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The Staff At Residences By Regency

The 1:3 care ratio at the Residences enables the Caregivers to get to know their residents and give them the care and attention they deserve. We are able to attract Caregivers demonstrating high levels of care and compassion while also being highly skilled and capable. Our staff also includes a full-time Registered Nurse with over 20 years of nursing experience.

The Care At Residences By Regency

The Residences Director of Care custom-designs a Care Plan for each resident with input provided by the resident and his/her physicians and family. The Director of Care oversees the care delivery and monitors residents for changes in condition and communicates this to the family and doctor. Our Caregivers work closely with the Director of Care to ensure that we consistently exceed the expectations of our residents and their families. And don’t forget the 1:3 care ratio at the Residences – this enables our staff to truly get to know their residents and give them the care and attention they deserve.

Our 1:3 care ratio gives us the ability to conform our schedules to the needs of the residents instead of the other way around, which is often the case in a facility. Lastly, our residents will not have to move to a nursing home as their level of assistance increases; rather, the necessary supportive services can be coordinated and brought in to enable residents to remain at the Residences and to age in place.

Activities at residences by regency

Exercises and activities are offered daily to our residents. Our 1:3 care ratio gives us the ability to tailor exercises and activities to the needs and preferences of our residents. We believe that at the Residences the authentic rhythms of life are equally as important as scheduled activities. Because the Residences is an actual home environment, residents are able to continue to feel a sense of purpose by participating in folding laundry, sharing recipes, setting the table, etc. We also conduct resident outings, cook-off contests between homes, “movie nights”, “pizza nights” and even Happy Hours as additional opportunities to socialize both within and between the individual Residences locations.

The support at residences by regency

In addition to the obvious support provided by the care giving staff and the Director of Care, the unique living environment at the Residences enables the residents and their families to form strong friendships amongst themselves in a manner that can only occur in an actual home living environment.

Our three residents thrive in homes and neighborhoods where they are not defined by their medical condition, but rather by who they are as individuals. We encourage our residents’ autonomy, respect their need for physical and emotional privacy, and take their preferences, choices and status as an adult into consideration when providing care, supervision and activities.

Explore your senior care options with Residences by Regency. To find out more about our residence in Peachtree Corners, or to arrange a complimentary consultation, call us at 678-999-2446, or fill out our contact form.

Every Residences by Regency home is a custom-remodeled 3-bedroom home located in an actual neighborhood that is staffed 24/7 by a team of Caregivers.  They are designed to blend into the fabric of the community – no signs out front and no secluded campus –and create an authentic living environment for its three residents with cookies in the oven, dinners around a dining room table and meaningful relationships among the three seniors who live there.

Residences by Regency households are an innovative residential alternative to large assisted living facilities and nursing homes that are designed to provide dignity, hope and meaning to the three seniors that live there.  If you’d like to learn about how Residences by Regency households can benefit a loved one, please call us at 678-999-2446 or fill out our contact form.