Grandparents Day takes place every September and is a special celebration. It is a day that generations connect with joy to embrace the best of what seniors and their grandchildren have to offer each other. Though, it is not officially considered a national holiday, the entire nation celebrates. The special day is celebrated as a national holiday on the first Sunday after Labor Day every year.

While some may think that this national holiday is official and got its start through a greeting card company wanting to sell more cards, neither would be true. Even so, this very unique day in September is a wonderful time to celebrate even if the grandparent you honor is not your own.

Grandparents Day started in 1956 by Marian McQuade, a mother in West Virginia. She was helping to set up a community-wide celebration for the elderly. Through her efforts, she became aware of how many elderly nursing home residents were left forgotten. It took until 1973 before the day would catch on and reach across the nation in 1978. Even though she had finally become successful at getting the holiday to gain recognition, she refused to profit off of it through royalties. She even turned down offers from Hallmark greeting cards.

The purpose of Grandparent’s Day is to honor grandparents and give them an opportunity to show love to their child’s child. It is also to make children aware of how important it is to have a grandparent figure in their lives to offer wisdom, guidance, and strength that only the elderly can provide.

Gifts are not necessary, but some families choose to exchange them. When families come together to celebrate, there are many ways to enjoy the day. Some share a meal or just time to visit with each other. When the families cannot come together, Skype or Face Time works great to connect from far away while still seeing each other’s faces.

Grandparents Day is a great time to share family histories and stories that are passed down from generation to generation or to simply look at photo albums of pictures showing the senior as a child. It is a nice form of sharing the family’s heritage and traditions with the younger generation.

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