Dementia is a progressive disease that becomes worse over time. When someone you love is in the later stages of dementia, and they need Dementia Care in Atlanta, don’t hesitate to reach out to find help. The person with dementia may begin to rely on others a lot more for care. That’s when it’s time to look into the best senior care Atlanta Ga.

Professionals who help with Dementia Care Atlanta know that those living with dementia will become frailer, are likely to exhibit signs of even more severe memory loss, have difficulty communicating and with performing daily activities. They may experience difficultyeating and weight loss as well as toilet problems or incontinence. They may have extreme changes in their behavior and have more physical problems than they did in the earlier stages.

In the later stages of dementia, their memory will be lost almost completely when it comes to what they had for breakfast or when they last saw a friend. They might begin to remember only parts of past memories. Those suffering tend to react better in an environment they are familiar with and where they feel comfortable.

Those living with later stage dementia will also have problems with concentration, planning, or organization. They may not be able to concentrate for very long. Though, they might still find enjoyment from past hobbies, activities, or interests.

As dementia progresses, the person’s mobility will be affected. They may gradually lose their ability to stand, walk, or to be able to get up from a chair or bed by themselves. The major risk is falling.

When communicating with someone who has dementia:

  • Maintain eye contact
  • Use non-verbal communication like facial expression, body language, and gestures.
  • Smile
  • Hold their hands to offer reassurance
  • Be patient. Never rush them for an answer.
  • Mirror them by responding to them in the same way they respond to you.

Encourage them to eat and to eat healthy, nutritious foods and to stay hydrated. Choose a plate that is a different color than the food, so it stands out more clearly. Be patient, allowing them plenty of time to eat safely. Put a drink in their hand if they seem to be having a hard time seeing it. If necessary, offer foods that are pureed or in liquid form.

Toilet troubles and incontinence can lead to UTIs, Urinary Tract infections, or severe constipation. They may forget to use the toilet, forget where the toilet is located, or may not recognize their need to use the toilet.

Changes in behavior include distress, agitation, sun downing which means they become more agitated in the late afternoon or evening, aggression, repetition, hallucinations or delusions, and restlessness. If you notice a behavior change that is sudden or lasts for several hours, they may have delirium. Signs of delirium include not paying attention, unable to concentrate, confused or muddled thinking, disturbed language, change in consciousness like feeling drowsy or extremely alert, changes in sleep or wake cycles, and hallucinations or delusions. These behavioral changes may also indicate that they are in pain but don’t know how to communicate it.

Regency Home Care Atlanta can provide you with all the home care services you need for your loved one living with dementia. A personalized home care service allows seniors to feel secure with peace of mind that comes from safe surroundings recognized as home. When elder care comes into a home of an aging adult to provide assistance and care, the senior is able to relax in the comfort of a home they are familiar with and to stay where they feel safe and secure for as long as they can.

Regency home care helps the aging and their family members enjoy a good quality of life, even providing transportation to and from appointments and helping with personalized care. Regency home care comes alongside the help of family members and doctor’s orders.

Contact us for more information on private duty and personalized home care in Atlanta. We are your partner in care to help with senior concerns including staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible. In home care Atlanta, GA also helps with safe, reliable transportation to health-related appointments and procedures, running errands, and preparing nutritious meals.

Trust the caring team of in-home senior care Atlanta for personalized care. Get individualized assistance for your aging loved one and help with Dementia Care Georgia. Call the home health care in Atlanta experts at Regency Home Care at (678) 999-2446 to learn more today!