Social isolation and feelings of loneliness is very real and not something to be ignored in seniors living alone. That’s why Regency Home Care Atlanta wants to make sure your loved one receives the very best elder care in Atlanta without forcing them to lose their independence. We have put together some helpful tips on recognizing and combating signs of social isolation through senior care in Atlanta, GA.

In the United States, at least 11 million older Americans live alone in their own home, and many who are in a residential retirement center dwell in their own individual unit away from social interaction. Statistically, older adults who live alone are more likely to experience poverty, lack the ability to prepare nutritious meals, fear becoming too dependent on others, and express feeling lonely or isolated socially. Many go for long stretches of time without speaking to friends or family. Despite this, about 90 percent of them, when asked, will tell you that their most important desire is to maintain their independence. The good news is that there are healthy ways to deal with this feeling of social isolation while still living independently.

It is possible to live alone without feeling lonely. Conquering feelings of social isolation is more than expecting the person to become outgoing and chatty. It goes beyond words. And, getting another year older doesn’t mean you suddenly have to become a social butterfly. Even those who consider themselves to be introverts and enjoy quietly being left alone can suffer from the effects of being isolated and feeling lonely.

Here’s some great tips on fighting the feelings of loneliness in the elderly:

  • Address the heart of the issue of what started the lonely feelings. Are they grieving the loss of a spouse or other loved one? Maybe they have become estranged from loved ones for one reason or another. Or, maybe they are in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities unable to connect to other activities.
  • Recognize the issue. Social isolation is often characterized by silence and often goes unnoticed. If you haven’t heard from your older loved one in awhile, reach out to them. Ignoring the issue can lead to depression and further isolation.
  • Organize events like having lunch with a friend, attending a senior community center or church group where they play Bingo, cards, knit, or sing.
  • Physical activity is a fantastic solution to lift any mood and keep the body fit. This could be as simple as a walk around the block or as socially involved as meeting friends at the gym for a workout class.

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