Staying in your own home for as long as you can is often an ideal solution for aging adults. Hiring in home senior care Atlanta for the elderly sounds like the best and most affordable option, but what is involved? Following are helpful tips on how to hire in home caregiver in Atlanta.

In Home Nursing Care Atlanta

Elderly care in Atlanta comes in many forms ranging from full-fledged memory care with assisted living to a caregiver who takes care of you at home. When it comes to elderly care in Atlanta, Regency home care offers a caring solution to keep your loved one in their own home for as long as possible.

When considering all of your options for caring for yourself or an aging loved one, in-home care sounds like the best, most feasible and most affordable option. But, how do you go about hiring the right in home caregiver in Atlanta?

What does an in-home caregiver do?

In home care may include everything from providing medical care, assisting with showering and meals to making sure transportation is provided to and from appointments. Sometimes, it may be a 24/7 live-in caregiver, but most often the help will show up for a few hours on a schedule you decide upon together to tend to needs throughout the week. The caregiver may help with personal care of bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, grooming, health care needs such as administering medication, making and keeping doctor appointments or physical therapy. Household care is also covered providing help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, or shopping. In-home help also provides emotional care with companionship, meaningful activities, and conversation.

Hire private or through an in-home care agency

There are two basic ways to find in-home care – hire privately or contact an agency. When you hire privately, you do all of the leg work to make sure the person you are hiring is who they say they are and make pay arrangements. This will involve placing an ad and then conducting interviews, checking references, making sure the person is trustworthy, and creating a workable contract. You will also need to check with the DMV to confirm their driving record since most likely the care giver will also provide transportation from time to time. You will need to confirm whether or not your car or theirs will be used and figure out reimbursement for mileage. When you work with an agency, this is all part of the package that eases worry off of your shoulders.

Hiring in-home care through a trusted agency gives you the peace of mind that the workers have been screened and you don’t have to personally handle the hiring or firing of an individual worker. You also can be assured that taxes are handled through the agency. An agency also often accepts insurance or other financial assistance.

What level of in-home care do you need?

Ask for a packet of information that describes the in home care services, fees, and list of references. Look over the packet before arranging a face-to-face meeting. How long has the agency been in business, and is it licensed by the state? Are the workers licensed and insured, and how are their workers trained, supervised, and monitored?

Hire help that matches your level of care needs. Make sure you understand what the caregiver’s title means and what it allows him or her to do. Most require at least an HHA Home Health Aide level of experience and education. Other titles include PCA Personal Care Aides, LNA Licensed Nursing Assistant, LVN Licensed Vocational Nurse, CNA Certified Nursing Assistant, or LPN Licensed Practical Nurse. All are trained to provide most levels of care in the home with the exception of the type of care that would require an RN such as giving an injection.

In addition to medical skill abilities, you will want to make sure the caregiver has transferring skills to help get the senior out of bed, chair, or lift. If memory care is an issue, you will need someone to help who has experience with people suffering with memory or cognitive impairments. Additionally, determine what sort of housekeeping will be done. If cooking is done, make sure they are able to accommodate any special dietary needs. If your home has a pet, this may be part of the attending duties. If smoking is an issue, make sure you lay the groundwork as far as whether or not smoking will be permitted inside your home or vehicle.

Hire someone you can trust 

Before you sign a contract and allow help into your home, make sure they are trustworthy and a good fit. Check with local agencies to ensure their help are licensed and bonded. Also, read reviews about the agency, and ask friends, your local senior center and family members for recommendations.

The professionals at Regency Home Care Georgia are here to walk alongside you through challenging shifts in life when it comes to the needs of elderly. We help keep the elderly stay as independent as possible for as long as they can. We offer in home senior care Atlanta that you can depend on and trust.

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