The Corona virus, now commonly referred to as COVID-19, has been shown to be especially harmful to the elderly. For this reason, recommendations of medical experts state that we practice social distancing. These drastic measures are important to keep aging adults safe. However, all of those hours away from loved ones allows loneliness to set in.

Maintaining close contact with others helps to combat stress and anxiety, and may lower health risks like heart attack or hypertension. Those who are isolated socially are more likely to develop dementia, have an increased risk of falling or frequent hospital admissions along with an increased rate of mortality.

However, abiding by safety regulations to stay socially distant doesn’t have to go hand in hand with feelings of abandonment or isolation. Here are some ways to avoid feeling alone during social distancing.

It may help an elderly family member if they are able to stay in contact with family members and friends through use of technology. If they are not comfortable figuring out how to work an iPad, how to write a proper text or social media post or even FaceTime, phone calls are still a way to stay in touch.

Some grandchildren or friends desperate to see their aging loved one have come up with some very creative ideas for seeing a smiling face without putting anyone at risk. From drive-by parades with passengers waving from inside a vehicle, to standing on the driveway or outside a closed window are some successful ways to uplift everyone’s day. One young girl went so far as to develop a plastic screen with Ziploc bag armholes so she could safely hug her grandparents.

Being socially distant does not mean loneliness needs to be a part of the space between the older adult and their loved ones. When family members cannot visit, home health care workers are usually allowed into the home to provide assistance and human interaction. These health care workers take safety measures, such as wearing face masks and gloves or frequent hand washing, to ensure that no one is in danger of contracting the Corona virus.

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