With individuals these days getting much busier by the second, a lot of families face troubles in caring for their elderly loved ones. Time often becomes a problem for relatives who are supposed to be the people who provide care for their loved ones.

Conflicts, along with personal matters such as career and organizing one’s own family are factors considered when considering care for the seniors.

In case family members prefer to let go of this role, choosing an Atlanta in-home senior care, Assisted living facility or nursing home becomes the next crucial step.

Preventing Loneliness in Seniors

Recently, at least 7% of seniors over 60 years old experience clinical depression, even though the illness is under treated. Older seniors suffer from a strong feeling of loneliness because of being socially isolated, although they want to socialize, and they wish to be surrounded by other people.

Seniors often enjoy sharing stories and other experiences they have with other people. Therefore, it’s vital to reach out to older adults and make an effort to spend some time with them.

Reasons and Effects of Loneliness in Seniors

There’s no one reason to elders feeling lonely. Instead, it is sometimes a combination of issues, which result in such factors. The impacts are both psychologically and physically harmful to them. Below are some of the common causes of loneliness to elders:

  • Obstacles with transportation
  • Losing a partner
  • Inactivity
  • Lack of family support
  • Living alone

Impacts of Loneliness to Seniors

Loneliness could have impacts on elders:

  • Raised chance of abuse
  • High blood pressure
  • Long-term disease
  • Depression
  • High chance of cognitive decline and dementia

How Can an Atlanta Home Care Help?

1. We Offer Comfort and Peace

Regency In-Home Care knows that nothing is more comforting for elders than being in their own place surrounded by the items, which make it a home.

Letting your senior loved ones to stay at home could have wonderful emotional advantages, and it will help alleviate any signs of depression. We could help you ensure your loved one is always safe. Our Atlanta senior care services will also help you anticipate any progress in behaviors or health conditions before they become uncontrolled.

2. Avoid Loneliness

Our Atlanta elder care aide could offer companionship for your loved one. Our job is to ensure your family loved one is taken care of. We can also transport your special loved one to his or her favorite activities or programs so they could stay busy.

3. Preserve Freedom

Letting your elderly to stay in their own house could help them preserve their freedom. Having our senior care in Atlanta aide will help them out their chores and errands. We will still allow your parent to be in charge and to partake in their regulate routines.

Offering freedom is the thing, which most seniors fear most. Our in-home care could help maintain liberty.

To sum up, there is a plethora of perks of opting to in-home care. For more information about our services, call Regency Home Care of North Atlanta today at 678-999-2446.