There is nothing quite like a loyal and loving pet to make a person feel loved. Whether it’s a furry lap cat or a trusting dog, pets can add a lot to the life of the elderly and their in-home senior care. Even watching a fish swim through the water in their aquarium can be very relaxing and beneficial. Regency Home Care Atlanta is a caring support for senior care in Atlanta, GA and wants to share some of the benefits of owning a pet for a senior living alone.


There are so many benefits for an older person having a pet. First, it gives them something to take care of and may even be what gives them a purpose for living. If that sounds extreme, consider the statistics.

  • Studies show that those who have pets are less likely to suffer depression.
  • Those who own a pet tend to have the need for less doctor visits.
  • Caring for and tending to a pet seems to lessen anxiety and ease stress.
  • Pets are great to have around when you are grieving as they provide companionship and joy.
  • Taking a dog for a walk is often a great way to strike up a conversation with other people.



Companionship is possibly the biggest benefit to pet ownership, since it offers comfort and helps alleviate stress while boosting self confidence. It’s just a nice feeling to know there is a living breathing being nearby. Feeling a cat sit next to you and purr, or watching a dog get excited to see you as you walk in the room are great mood lifters.

Keep you moving

Dogs and cats often encourage you to stay active. Dogs need to be walked, and cats and dogs can be playful, creating laughter and movement. These interactions provide the pet owner with exercise they may not otherwise get.

Fills the void of loneliness

Being alone can leave you feeling isolated and depressed but having a living animal nearby can often alleviate this loneliness. Some studies suggest that an act as simple as feeling a cat purr can stimulate endorphins which make you feel happy and lowers blood pressure.

Feel more secure

Pets give us a sense of security. A dog barking can scare off thieves and just having an animal in the house is often enough to feel safer. Having a dog with you at the park or when you go for a walk is also a nice sense of reassurance that they are there to protect you.

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