iStock_000039752072_Medium-300x200Everyone needs a little personal time, to get away alone with their thoughts or to settle in with a good book. But when that time to ourselves becomes excessive, we increase our risk for developing social isolation – which is, sadly, a common occurrence in seniors. And its effects can be more damaging than you may realize, with the potential to impact physical as well as mental health in several ways.

Research indicates that staying social:

  • Reduces risk of disability
  • Reduces depression and pain
  • Protects the brain from mental decline
  • Increases both quality and length of life

Home health care in Atlanta, provided by professional Atlanta home care agencies such as Regency Home Care, can help your senior loved ones increase socialization and improve their health through:

  • Encouraging attendance and providing both transportation and accompaniment, if desired, to fun social outings, such as club meetings, community events such as fairs, holiday celebrations and parades, plays, concerts, and sporting events, religious services and special church activities.
  • Participating in interactive games together, such as board games, cards and Nintendo Wii
  • Planning and scheduling outings to visit with friends and neighbors
  • Providing transportation to a program for older adults or a low impact exercise class, such as water yoga
  • Providing extra support during family celebrations or vacations for maximum comfort and safety

Help your senior loved ones find more social enjoyment from life and improve their health by enlisting the professional Atlanta senior care services of Regency Home Care. Whether your needs are long-term and ongoing, or if a little extra help is needed for a shorter duration, your loved one will be carefully matched with a friendly, fully trained and experienced caregiver. Learn more about our in-home care services in by submitting our online contact form.