3-generations-during-holidays_dementia-300x205Observing the holiday season through the lens of Alzheimer’s disease can feel anything but merry and bright. Family members might be stressed with caregiving duties, and the disruption to routine can cause more distress for a person struggling with the effects of dementia.

Nevertheless, with a little creativity and modification of expectations, the holiday season can provide meaning and fulfillment to family members who’re factoring in dementia this year. The Georgia home care professionals at Regency Home Care provide the following tips:

  • Take time for personal care. First and most important, it’s vital for family caregivers to keep a healthy way of life in order to provide the best care for their aging loved one – and to avoid caregiver burnout. Assign a fixed time each day for an uninterrupted soothing activity such as curling up near the fire to read, writing in a journal, exercising, engaging in a favorite pastime, walking the dog, etc.
  • Engage the senior’s participation. Find holiday projects and activities that are in accordance with the senior’s existing ability level and interests, and include him or her in taking an active part in the fun. Some ideas include helping to make holiday homemade projects like paper snowflakes, assisting with gift wrapping, putting up decorations, or rolling/cutting out/decorating cookies.
  • Commit to spending good quality time together. There’s beauty in simply being in the presence of your aging loved one, with no expectations or responsibilities. Gather up a couple of cozy, warm blankets, put on some quiet holiday music, and cuddle up on the couch with some picture albums to reminisce. At times the simplest of memories grow to be some of those we treasure the most.
  • Forgive yourself. There will likely be times when you respond to a troublesome behavior in your family member with much less patience than you would have liked, and the ensuing feelings of guilt can be too much to handle. It is necessary to learn from mistakes, forgive yourself, and determine to cope with things in another way the next time. Enlisting help from a reliable caregiving team that specializes in Alzheimer’s care, such as Regency Home Care, can alleviate a great deal of stress for family caregivers, enabling them to enjoy much-needed time free from care duties.

Regency Home Care can assist in so many ways by providing the trusted care for seniors with Alzheimer’s that allows family members to thoroughly enjoy the holiday season together. Whether it is only for a couple of hours each week to permit family members a break, full-time, around-the-clock care and supervision, or anything in between, we provide a free in-home consultation to establish the best way to improve wellbeing for older persons with Alzheimer’s. Contact us at 678.999.2466 to learn more about our customized Georgia home care services for seniors.