We all work hard to live a productive and independent life. Becoming elderly doesn’t have to put an end to this. Just because you’ve had another birthday doesn’t mean you are automatically in need of Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities. Though, it’s good to know and tap into resources in the community that are available to help you live safely the way you want to live. February is National Senior Independence Month when American Senior Communities help to raise awareness and offer guidelines to keep seniors as independent as they want to be.

Following are a few helpful tips to allow you to stay in your house as long as you are able.

Get rid of clutter

Living in a cluttered environment is about more than merely lacking housekeeping skills. Unnecessary clutter around the house increases the risk of tripping or falling and also creates more stress than you may be aware it is causing. You should always have a clear path where emergency personnel can easily reach you if needed.

If you don’t need an item, toss it, give it to a child or family member who wants it, or donate it to a charity you trust. Additionally, it’s not a pleasant topic, but keeping a neat house also means making sure all of your paperwork is in order. Handling documents like a Will or Power of Attorney is important for end of life decisions. This will give your children or other loved ones peace of mind knowing they have one less worry when the time comes to help you move into an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility.

It’s time for an upgrade

Upgrade your home to install handrails, grab bars, a walk-in tub, or stair lift if necessary. Tape down rugs, and make sure the home is well lit. Anything you can do to make it easier to live on your own is beneficial especially if these devices and upgrades also help to prevent falls.

Don’t fight technology

Technology like computers or cell phones is often disregarded by elderly as something that is too much of a change or something they feel unable to understand. But, there are some technological advances that are very helpful for seniors. Emergency call buttons, for instance, are a great way to maintain independence with help just a push of a button away. Also, health tracking apps are extremely beneficial and convenient. Some of them allow you to send heart rhythm or other information directly to your health care provider without having to drive to an appointment.

Medication dispensing systems are also extremely helpful to make sure no medicines are missed. Something as simple as a cell phone with texting ability can keep you in touch with family or friends who can stay in touch and help when needed.

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