161001_article2_caregivers-need-to-ask-for-help-300x233In Atlanta, we’re a do-it-yourself culture; one that clearly values independence, and applauds the people that pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and handle anything and everything without help. However the fact is, there are certain things we simply can’t manage alone; things that could very well result in injury to ourselves or other people when we resist getting assistance.

One particular undertaking that’s most definitely best when shared is providing health care for a senior loved one. Nevertheless, unfortunately, a large number of family caregivers in Atlanta resist reaching out for guidance, for a variety of reasons: a sense of guilt in feeling as though they should be competent to deal with proper care for their own family member by themselves, reluctance to trust another to provide high quality care, or simply a matter of pride.

If you’re a family caregiver in Atlanta, in order to avoid caregiver burnout, depression, or other negative and all-too-common outcomes, try these guidelines to lessen the guilt of requesting assistance:

  • Break down your present caregiving responsibility into particular duties, and determine which you’d like help with: food, cleanup, personal care, transporting, and so on.
  • Make a checklist of all those you might rely on that can assist with these kinds of jobs: associates, family, individuals in your religious organization, neighbors, and community teenagers who may have volunteer requirements to fulfill.
  • Match up tasks with the possible helpers, and approach each one with certain particulars on things you need.

Please remember: Regency Home Care will always be ready with our expert, fully trained, experienced senior care team that will help as much or as little as required! Contact us at 678-999-2446 to learn more about how our professional caregivers in Atlanta can help bring peace of mind to both you and your senior loved one.