As we age, it’s important to stay in good health. That’s why Regency Home Care Atlanta, with their In home senior Care services, has put together a list of important tests and when to get a medical checkup for senior adults wanting to stay as independent as possible for as long as they can. Every senior adult should get these seven medical tests.

Vision Tests – bold the paragraph titles

As we age, our eyesight may be the first change we notice. Even as early as our 40s, we may start noticing the need for reading glasses or better lighting to see. An annual vision screening is recommended for aging adults. The tests should also screen for eye disease such as glaucoma.

Hearing Tests – bold the paragraph titles

Becoming hard of hearing is something that is often associated with older adults. Don’t simply assume it’s natural. It could be a sign of a bigger issue. An annual hearing test is recommended for every senior adult, but if you are having trouble hearing, don’t put it off.

Bone Density

Getting scanned for bone density is a fairly simpletest that could determine an issue before a fracture or broken bone occurs. This is especially important since falls are a common cause of injury for older people. Check with your doctor to see when the best time and how often you need to be seen for bone density screenings.

Blood Work and Urine Tests

Most likely, every annual exam will consist of some type of blood tests or urinalysis. A couple of the most important types of blood work include screening for cholesterol levels and doing a Complete Blood Count CBC. Blood and urine tests may also check for kidney function. If your tests come back showing no cause for alarm, you can often get these done every 5 years.


Generally, if everything looks good, it’s recommended to have a complete colonoscopy every 10 years. It’s also a good idea to have a colorectal exam done more frequently at your doctor’s office. If, however, you have a family history or have experienced symptoms of issues with your colon, you should not put this off.

Skin Checkup

Since skin cancer can sometimes progress quickly, it’s important to have a dermatologist check for unusual spots on your skin every year. Ask for a full-body skin examination sooner if you notice any unusual moles or skin changes.

Dental Checkup

In addition to a general practitioner’s exams and tests, it’s important to have dental checkups done every 6 months. A lot of physical issues present themselves with oral symptoms and can be looked into immediately if a dentist notices any problems. Also, a lot of common medications taken by senior adults can cause issues with teeth and gums.

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