Questions about COVID-19? Read our FAQ here.


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Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

We are taking the spread of the COVID-19 virus very seriously. As a business that is all about the health and safety of clients and their families, we have implemented policies with our employees as well as operational policies to create and maintain an environment that is as safe as possible for employees and patrons:

Do you take Covid-19 positive clients?

We are not accepting new clients with COVID-19 currently.  We will continue to care for existing clients who become positive or are recovering from COVID induced long term care support.  Caregivers who are treating COVID-19 positive clients are provided all necessary PPE and are restricted from working with other clients simultaneously.  They must complete a quarantine period following the end of services with a COVID positive client.

Do we test caregivers?

When there is a cause to test caregivers either by known exposure or symptoms, we will immediately have the caregiver tested as directed by the CDC and Department of Health.  They will remain in quarantine until a negative test result is received or they meet guidelines established by the CDC and DCH regarding completing a quarantine period.  Otherwise, we test only on a voluntary basis or when a client family or facility requests it.

What are Our Covid-19 Operational Policies?

  • A rigorous, ongoing daily sanitizing of all living areas and surfaces.
  • A health policy that any employees that feel ill or have symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath seek medical care as needed, and not present themselves to work until they are well and have been without symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours.
  • A retraining initiative to ensure that all employees are being properly vigilant regarding personal hand washing, cleaning, and wearing gloves when appropriate.
  • Making hand sanitizer readily available in the living areas and encouraging patrons to use it upon arrival before entering the living area.
  • Requiring employees to immediately report any concerns regarding exposure to COVID-19 to a supervisor, whether the potential has occurred through providing patient care, travel, assisting an ill traveller or other person, handling a contaminated object, or cleaning a contaminated environment.

To help protect the broader community, we will be limiting visitation to nursing homes, assisted living homes and rehabilitation centers. Many of these locations have already made it public that they are either prohibiting visitors, or strongly urging that visitors stay away. Should there be a life-or-death situation, we will still make the visit. Our intent is not to unknowingly pass along the virus to those who are most vulnerable.

We wish to emphasize that while we are taking a best-effort approach, Regency needs your help. You have a part to play in the preventative process as well! According to the latest data, primary Coronavirus transmission occurs when a sick person coughs or sneezes in close proximity to someone else. Infection can also occur by touching a recently contaminated surface and then touching your own eyes, nose, or mouth.

What is the protocol for caregivers or clients exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19?

We follow the current CDC and Dept. of Public Health guidelines for isolation and testing, recognizing this has changed frequently during the pandemic.  We remain close to these authorities and what they are telling us at the time.

Notification of a caregiver testing positive.  What are the next steps?

You will be immediately notified if your caregiver tests positive.  The next steps per the current CDC and DPH guidelines are to quarantine and monitor for symptoms.  Testing immediately does not always prove accurate due to the time it takes for the virus to appear after exposure.

What are the important steps suggested by you for household members?

Stay home if you are sick. If you exhibit any symptoms of illness, we urge you in the strongest way possible to refrain from visiting your family member. You must be completely free of symptoms and have a normal body temperature for at least 24 hours without using a fever reducing medicine before returning.

  • For the foreseeable future, you should make a habit of frequent, thorough hand washing with hot water and soap. Use hand sanitizer regularly between washings.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Please do not carry used tissues around in a bag or pocket. Discard tissues immediately after the first use.  The wearing of a face mask does protect the wearer to some degree, but the real reason is to protect others from being infected by the wearer.
  • If you are traveling abroad, please pay attention to travel notice warnings from CDC ( If you or a household member visits a country under Level-2 or Level-3 warnings, we urge you in the strongest way possible to wait 14 days before returning and visiting a family member.

We are monitoring this developing situation closely with State and Federal agencies including the GA DPH, CMS, and the CDC. In the meantime, if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 678-999-2446 24-hours per day.