To start the year off right, January 3 has been designated as International Mind-Body Wellness Day. This day is set aside to celebrate the importance of a healthy mind and healthy emotions in regard to what it means to enjoying a whole and healthy body. The idea is that to be truly healthy with a sense of well-being involves more than just good physical health. It involves a full spectrum of a healthy mind, body, and soul. Let’s celebrate Mind, Body, Spirit & Well Being throughout the entire month of January.

The idea of mind, body, spirit, and well being is that being truly healthy involves every component that each fit together to make a healthy full picture. Being well is spelled out as:

(W) Work-life harmony

(E) Expecting and enabling excellence

(L) Living with a purpose, and

(L) Loving, not fear.

This concept of wellness being multi-faceted is not new. It dates back many years starting with Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, and Ancient Greek Medicine that all date back to the BC era. Moving into the 1790s, homeopathy was introduced. The 1800s brought hydrotherapy and osteopathy as well as chiropractic care. The 1900s brought Reiki and Organic Farming, and we continue today addressing health as more than just the physical body.

The elderly can benefit from alternative health methods such as meditation, prayer focused on the spiritual side, getting a good night’s sleep to become refreshed, and creating daily routines that support strong inner prosperity and self acceptance. Everyone needs to start with a healthy mind, live with a purpose, and maintain stability in emotions with a healthy mindset at all times.

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