September is Intergeneration Month and is a great time to celebrate elderly care in Atlanta. Intergeneration Month takes place every year. It started in 1987 with the Fountain Institute. Their Board of Trustees was brought together to study intergenerational issues. The result pinpointed the need to set aside a special time every year to purposefully connect generations to talk about and understand each other and aging.

Sometimes the way different aged people view things and go about life separates them. When this happens, it is called a generation gap. But this never needs to happen. All it takes is a common thread to connect each other.

What is intergeneration and why is it so important to celebrate?

Intergenerationis, as the name implies, a bringing together of all ages from all generational groups. Coming together to celebrate aging and the importance of grandchildren and adult children sharing their similarities and needs is very important for all.

The word that identifies this special month is long and perhaps unrecognizable to some. However, it means just what it relays in taking every generation and integrating them together to unite and draw whatever strengths each have to offer to the other.

Human beings are not meant to go it alone, and they are not meant to be isolated from the younger generation simply because they have aged. Intergeneration Month brings the many ages of every generation together to build each other up.

In 2000, Fountain Institute became the Intergeneration Foundation. They then launched Intergeneration Day to be celebrated around the world on the first Sunday in October. Eventually, the month of September was chosen instead to be set aside for intergeneration with Grandparents Day serving as the official kickoff day each year.

Intergenerational Month is a global celebration to connect adults age 60 and older with young people. Throughout the month, senior citizen organizations often seek to raise awareness about changes and ways to bridge gaps between the ages.

Bridging the gap between one generation to the next helps everyone from every generation appreciate each other. Something about understanding our heritage and where we came from help us accept and embrace where we are headed. Bringing the elderly together to share family traditions and talk about how life used to look for the aging help the younger generation to respect and embrace change and see their senior citizen aged family members in an entirely new light.

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