iStock_000015877910_Medium-1-300x200As we age, some degree of hearing impairment is normal. In fact, as many as a third of senior Americans experience hearing impairment; however, most are hesitant to get their hearing tested, whether due to denial, fear, cost, etc.

Enter the latest offering from the National Hearing Test. The nonprofit organization is now offering a new a telephone-based hearing test that can be conducted right from the comfort of home. Unlike an audiologist’s typical “pure tones” hearing test, consisting of various frequencies of beeps and hums, the phone test is comprised of numbers spoken in varying degrees of static. Taking the test is simply a matter of pressing the corresponding numbers on your keypad.

For the nominal fee of $5 (currently being waived for AARP members), results of the hearing test are provided immediately at the end of the call, broken down for each separate ear into normal hearing, or slight or substantial impairment.

While it can be intimidating to take that first step to confirm clinical hearing loss, the risks of ignoring it can be even greater, as there’s evidence linking hearing loss with cognitive decline and a heightened occurrence of dementia.

Click here to take the test or to learn more.

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