iStock_000023867930_Medium-300x200As our parents age and we begin to witness signs that they’re slowing down, it’s a natural tendency for us to experience a heightened level of concern for them. And it’s also natural to want to do all we can to help those we love who have spent their lives taking care of us. If we’re not careful, however, we may find ourselves slipping into more of a take-charge than a supportive role.

In fact, a disturbing parallel has developed in our society between parenting young children and parenting our aging parents. Although it goes without saying that adult children worry about the many risks associated with aging – falls and other injuries, dementia, chronic diseases and physical limitations – there’s a fine line between loving concern and taking control.

As much as we may wish to do everything within our power to protect our elderly loved ones from harm, it’s equally important to remember that with age comes a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that should be rewarded with dignity and respect. While it’s true that certain conditions – such as dementia or depression – require intervention, aging in and of itself does not.

Beautifully stated by Carol Bradley Bursack, author of Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories, “Aging should increase dignity, not take it away.”

At Regency Home Care of Georgia, our primary focus is always on the safety and wellbeing of the seniors in our care, always provided with the utmost dignity and respect. Our north Atlanta area caregivers are trained in assisting seniors with tasks as needed, such as bathing and hygiene, meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, and much more. In tandem with those services, they encourage seniors in maintaining as much independence as possible, enhancing their sense of self-worth. Serving the entire metro Atlanta area, we invite you to call us at 678-999-2446 to learn more.