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About Us

At Regency Home Care of North Atlanta, we’re proud that our caregivers are not only experienced professionals, but also certified by Caregiver Quality Assurance.

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Erich Schuetz, BSE, MBA, Owner

Erich Schuetz is the Owner and the Administrator of Regency Home Care. As such, he is responsible for the day-to-day business operation of the agency. His duties include all the financial aspects of the agency as well as forecasting, strategic planning, budgeting and directional guidance.

Erich is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard Business School in Boston. He has been in the medical field for the better part of his work career, with early positions in Southern California with divisions of Baxter Travenol and Johnson & Johnson before moving to the Bay Area to help grow a young company later purchased by Smith Kline Beckham. He then spent four years building a start-up company developing diagnostic ultrasound and medical lasers. This $100 MM company subsequently became the heart of Cooper Vision.

Erich moved from Silicon Valley to Atlanta, Georgia to help a German family move their medical device product line from Munich to Atlanta. The primary product is a silicon prosthetic breast form to be worn by women after mastectomies. Today, the company is a world leader in this market.

Erich spent many years caring for his mother who lived well into her mid-90s. This experience allowed him to understand the importance of how helping seniors engage in life mentally, emotionally, physically and socially can make a huge difference in their well being. This current opportunity gives him the ability to “give back” to the community in the latter stages of his work career.

Erich and his wife, Jody, have been married 41 years. Jody has recently retired from being a first grade teacher in Fulton County. Having lived in Dunwoody, Georgia now for the last 35 years, they have raised their two sons: Evan, a graduate of University of Georgia, and Joel, a graduate of Georgia Tech. Erich enjoys spending time with his wife, two sons, their wives and four grandsons.


Claudia Booth, Director of Nursing

Claudia brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the Regency Home Care team as our Director of Nursing. Claudia worked as an RN for Northside Hospital in Atlanta and as a PRN case manager and Director of Nursing and large home healthcare agency prior to joining the Regency team.

Claudia’s work experience includes providing skilled and intensive care nursing services for clients, high level case management skills for critically ill and intensive care clients, and providing management and leadership for a large clinical team. She also has extensive experience in working with patients with long-term medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, quadriplegia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Claudia also brings to the table an extensive theological background and experience as a hospital chaplain, which has given her unique and significant skills in assisting patients in crisis.

Claudia takes great pride in her work, and strives to provide optimal patient care in any given situation, as well as developing professional, trusting relationships with Regency’s clients and their families, as well as the clients’ primary care physicians and staff members with whom we intercede on the clients’ behalf.

To learn more about our Atlanta home health care and dementia care services and how we serve families in the Greater Atlanta Metro area, contact our dedicated care team today.

Our Care Is Quality Certified!

The quality of our staff and the care they provide are our most important assets. At Regency Home Care of North Atlanta, we’re proud that our caregivers are not only experienced professionals, but also certified by Caregiver Quality Assurance.

What does Caregiver Quality Assurance mean to you and your family?

Compassion – Caregivers are in this field because it is a “calling”, not just a job. Most importantly, it shows that we go above and beyond standard background testing, which is only able to flag documented criminal or other wrongful activities, but does nothing to screen potential risk or behaviors that have managed to slip through the cracks.


With the Caregiver Quality Assurance program, behaviors and personality characteristics are identified upfront, including:

  • Dependability— Measures the risk that an individual will be undependable, careless, or disorganized.
  • Honesty— Measures the risk for dishonest behavior.
  • Hostility— Measures the risk of a person being aggressive, hostile, or having poor control of their anger.
  • Substance Abuse — Measures the risk of substantial use of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Sexual Harassment— Measures behaviors regarding sexuality that are likely to be considered harassment.
  • Computer Misuse— Measures the risk of using computers and the Internet in ways unrelated to job tasks.
  • Cognitive Reasoning— Evaluates problem-solving abilities and learning speed.

Hiring the best caregivers

With this pre-assessment information in hand, we’re then poised to be able to identify and hire the cream of the crop: those caregivers that stand head and shoulders above the rest by showing the most integrity, trustworthiness, and sense of compassion. In a nutshell – they’re the caregivers we would hire to care for our own family members.

The safety, security and happiness of your loved ones are why we are in business. Caregiver Quality Assurance is a major component of our success, and we feel strongly that the results gained through this extra screening step are worth the additional effort.

For quality home health care in Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, turn to Regency Home Care’s certified expert care staff. Click the map below to get more details about the area we service.


Where Experience and Compassion Meet

Regency Home Care of Atlanta, Georgia was founded in 2009 by Erich Schuetz. Erich spent the better part of his career in the medical field, serving in early positions with divisions of Baxter Travenol and Johnson & Johnson before moving, finally, to Georgia to help care for his mother, who lived well into her 90s. When he retired from his corporate career, it was his caregiving experience and a yearning to stay in the medical field that led Erich to open Regency as a way to give back to other families and older adults in need of quality elder care and assistance to remain safe and happy at home.


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Home Care Memberships

Maintaining quality, staying up to date on industry standards, building trust, and advocating on behalf of seniors are extremely important to us. In an effort to increase the quality of our agency, Regency Home Care maintains memberships in the following organizations.


How Can We Help You?

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