There are a lot of pressures involved in taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, which include but not limited to emotional, social, economic, and physical facets of the caregiver’s life. Often time’s seniors with Alzheimer’s are placed in home care agencies Atlanta GA in which trained professionals can give all-around personal care. Also, there are instances where the patients are kept at home to the care of members of the family.

In case professional assistance is out of the question, a relative of members of the family might read up on Alzheimer’s patient care:


Healthy food is essential for Alzheimer’s patients. However, it can get harder as their signs get worse. Below are the ways to ensure people with Alzheimer’s get a healthy diet and lots of fluids like juice or water.

  • Make sure to give him or her a healthy diet and lots of healthy fluids, like juice or water.
  • Encourage independent eating when he or she is able. Serve finger foods that are easier for them to handle.
  • Don’t force him or her to eat. Try to know why she or he doesn’t want to eat. Keep in mind to treat them as a mature individual and not as a child.


  • An Alzheimer’s patient needs a comprehensive bath daily. A sponge bath is enough. However, you can follow the tips below if she or he does require a regular one.
  • Make sure to check the water temperature in the shower or bath
  • If you bathe them, think of utilizing a bath chair that has a handrail. Also, don’t forget to put rubber mats in the bathtub, so they do not slip.
  • Keep your bathroom well-lit and warm


  • Utilize a high-quality electric razor for shaving. This lowers the risk of bruises and cuts.

Hair Care

  • Try to clean their hair in the sink. That might help when they chose baths to showers. Also, try to use a dry shampoo.
  • Visiting a barbershop or salon is advisable if they can make the journey there with you.


  • If he or she can dress on their own, layout the clothing in the order they put them on.
  • Purchase comfortable and loose-fitting clothing
  • Purchase clothing which can be put on and taken off easily. Shoes and garments that have large zippers and Velcro closures are preferred to buckles, belts, shoelaces, and buttons.

Dental care

  • If the patient brushes her or his teeth, help them by placing the toothpaste on their toothbrush
  • Help them if they is not able to do the brushing
  • If they refuse to open his mouth, brush the outside of his teeth
  • If they have dentures, make sure to clean them daily
  • Have them rinse his mouth with water every after meal
  • Ask the dentist for suggestion on offering good dental care

Making Use of Toilet

  • Set up safety features that make it easier for them to go. Raise the seats of your toilet.
  • A bedside urinal or commode can help if they find it hard to go to the bathroom, particularly at night.

When is Alzheimers Care In Atlanta Needed?

Proper personal care of Alzheimer’s patients will help them become independent. Members of the family who can provide regular care can get the service of Atlanta Caregivers. Regency Home Care of North Atlanta is a premier home care agency Atlanta GA provider with skilled clinicians that have an advanced understanding of mobility, health as well as safety issues that accompany changes in cognition and memory. Call now for more information about quality in-home senior care Atlanta.