iStock_000030723782_MediumWe’ve heard myths all of our lives. There are the ones that start in childhood such as chewing gum will stay in your stomach for 7 years, and myths that endure into adulthood such as brain cells are lost each day and can never be replaced. Thanks to the most recent advances in neuroscience, many brain myths have been busted. Check out some important recent brain truths that have come to light:

MYTH #1: Memories are recorded and can be retrieved accurately (like a camera). The truth is, our memories are affected by a number of factors, including emotions, context, and motivation, and as such, are actually unreliable.

MYTH #2: One particular part of the brain stores memories. Memories are actually broken down and stored in different places of the brain – and before a memory can be recalled, it has to be pieced back together from these deconstructed fragments.

MYTH #3: Brain cells are lost each day and cannot be replaced. Until recently, it was accepted as fact that our brains had a certain number of cells at birth that could only be decreased. It’s now known that keeping the brain healthy enables it to add new cells throughout a person’s lifetime.

MYTH #4: Sudoku and crossword puzzles improve your memory. The key to sharpening memory is introducing the brain to new and complex tasks rather than anything that is routine. Although a daily crossword puzzle can help you excel at crossword puzzles, it does nothing for overall cognitive improvement.

MYTH #5: Young adults have better memories than seniors. Not necessarily so! It’s been shown that baby boomers are less forgetful than their millennial counterparts, due to factors such as less sleep, more stress, and poor lifestyle choices.

Check out more brain and memory myths and the truths behind them at Be Brain Fit.

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