Living independently in the safe and familiar home setting that took years to build is very important in senior home care. Our experts at Regency Home Care Atlanta want to share some happy home ideas for making the home environment as safe and comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Here are four tips to help seniors live at home longer.


First and foremost is safety. The most important step in creating a happy and comfortable home living situation for aging adults is to make sure it is a safe place to live. This means addressing areas where they are most likely to fall, such as the shower or steps. Every home setting is going to be different, and every senior’s needs will be as individual (personalized vs individual) as well. Changes may range from something as simple as adding a shower chair or railings to completely renovating the home.


Since our eyesight naturally begins to dim as we age, it’s important to make sure our living environment is well lit. This may mean swapping out light bulbs for brighter ones, adding lamps to darker corners of the home, and installing motion-sensor lights to the outside walkway areas. It’s a good idea to also make sure there are plenty of nightlights and that the switches to turn the lights on and off are easy to access and use.

Stay Connected

You can make your home environment as comfortable and as safe as possible, but the fact remains that it can also become a very lonely place when an aging adult is all alone. Make sure the senior adult has quick and easy access to contact loved ones through use of easy-to-access and understand technology. Also, set aside one wall in the home that you can fill with pictures that reflect happy memories and familiar faces to brighten up an otherwise solitary day. Some decide to get a dog or a cat to keep them company. Others also opt to have help come into their home once or twice a week to help.

Get Outside

Creating a healthy home environment goes beyond the inside of the four walls. It’s also going to mean having the freedom to get outside, see friends and family, and take a walk. To ensure this is done with safety, many seniors choose to wear a call button that allows them fast access to emergency help if it becomes necessary and gives them peace of mind.

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