Maybe every day should be recognized as Wellness Day, but August is when we celebrate National Wellness Month. Regency Home Care Atlanta knows that far too many aging adults let self care fall by the wayside. It is time to bring wellness back, and it starts at home. It’s time to connect with a quality wellness agency in Atlanta that offer in home senior care. Here are ten ways to celebrate National Wellness Month this August, 2020.

1. Ask Regency Home Care Atlanta, to come to the home of your aging loved one and assess any issues of concern such as a slippery rugs or other falling hazards.

2. A part of overall senior care Atlanta wellness is learning how to de-stress and relax on National Relaxation Day, which is part of the month-long National Wellness awareness happening on Wednesday, August 15, 2020! Start with deep breathing exercises.

3. Another easy thing to do is drink more water. Water lubricates the joints and helps to transport nutrients throughout the body.

4. Get regular eye exams. When a problem is discovered earlier, you are more likely to be able to save your vision.

5. Make sure your doctor appointments are up to date.

6. Don’t forget to nourish your skin. Your skin is the body’s largest organ. That’s right! It’s an organ. It’s important to care for it, since it takes a lot of abuse as we age.

7. Get moving. Even if you cannot get outside, there are plenty of in-home exercises that can be done. Ask your in-home caregiver to help you.

8. Eat healthy snacks. Swap out those laden in sugar and high fructose corn syrup with healthier options like air-popped popcorn, celery, or carrot sticks.

9. Ask your in-home attendant to shop for you for fresh foods and then help you make your own smoothies with fresh frozen fruit or vegetables and plain yogurt.

10. Do stretches to make the muscles more flexible.

Regency home care Atlanta offers senior care throughout the Atlanta area. A personalized home care service allows for wellness during National Wellness Month and every other month of the year. Our help allows seniors to stay in their safe surroundings at home for as long as possible.

Regency home care helps the aging and their family members enjoy a good quality of life, even providing transportation to and from appointments and helping with personalized care. Regency home care offers in home senior care Atlanta that you can depend on and trust.
Contact us for more information on private duty and personalized home care in Atlanta. We are your partner in care to help with elderly concerns including helping with wellness year round. In home care Atlanta GA also helps with safe, reliable transportation to health-related appointments and procedures, running errands, and preparing nutritious meals.

Trust the caring team of in-home senior care Atlanta for care that comes to your home. Get individualized assistance for your aging loved one, so you will be able to celebrate National Wellness Month every month, not just in August. Call the home health care in Atlanta experts at Regency Home Care at (678) 999-2446 to learn more today!