How Family Dynamics Can Impact Caring for Elderly Parents

elderly parentsPerhaps your family rivals those on Walton’s Mountain in its unconditional love, unwavering patience with one another, and determination to stick together through thick and thin. But if your family members are like most, there’s definitely some degree of dysfunction, some leftover stubborn sibling rivalry, and in some cases a bit of residual competitiveness to be Mom’s and Dad’s favorite. As the care needs of elderly parents increase and the family once again has to band together to support them, old childhood hurts can resurface and family dynamics can be exacerbated. [Read more…]

Insomnia Symptoms May Have a Correlation with Alzheimer’s Disease

Insomnia symptomsFor a wide variety of reasons, many seniors suffer with insomnia symptoms, causing them to struggle with falling asleep and staying soundly asleep. Apart from feeling a tiny bit foggy the next morning, however, along with feeling the need for an afternoon snooze to catch up on lost sleep, the repercussions have seemed minimal. That is, until research recently suggested a potential link between restless sleep and Alzheimer’s disease. [Read more…]

Caring for Aging Parents? Be Careful to Avoid This Pitfall.

aging parentsIt is an amazing feeling to know that you are protected, safe and cared for. Fathers and mothers thrive on ensuring their kids are surrounded within the comfort of recognizing their needs will be met, giving the safety net that permits them the confidence to explore the world around them. Yet there comes a stage in all children’s lives when the longing for freedom exceeds the benefit of protection, and they have to discover exactly what it means to stumble, fall and get back up again on their own. [Read more…]

Caregivers in Atlanta Reveal How to Deal with the Hardest Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregivers in AtlantaFor those providing care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, a number of complicated effects must be carefully managed, but perhaps the most challenging include hallucinations, illusions, and suspicions that other people are out to cause harm or ill will. Mistaken impressions such as these develop typically in the later periods of progressive dementia as a result of changes within the brain. It is vital to first understand the reasons behind these feelings and behaviors, and to manage the underlying cause. [Read more…]

The 3 Steps to Take with Alzheimer’s Memory Loss from the North Atlanta Home Care Experts

North Atlanta Home Care Alzheimer’s disease alters someone’s mind so that memories pertaining to current events are forgotten or mixed up while memories about the more remote past often stay intact. This can cause prior times to make more sense to someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia than the present. With these effects from Alzheimer’s memory loss occurring, a person’s alternate reality could actually be the person’s strategy of making sense of the present through earlier memories.

[Read more…]

Get to Know the Boomerangs – the Older Sandwich Generation

Due in part to the advances of science and medicine, humans are living longer than ever before, resulting in a new role for the sandwich generation (adults providing care for both children and aging parents): the role of the boomerang generation. [Read more…]

Atlanta Seniors: Learn How to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Just 45 Minutes a Week

When it comes to exercise and staying active to maintain optimum health, seniors are no exception! However, for Atlanta seniors who are fighting arthritis pain, getting an adequate amount of physical fitness can be troublesome. [Read more…]

Good News: We’ve Got Top Tips for Living with Dementia

Bringing up the topic of caring for or living with dementia at your next summer pool party is a surefire way to turn a festive atmosphere into a subdued atmosphere. Whether you’ve witnessed it firsthand or know only about this disease through what you’ve read, typically the experience has involved negative connotations. And because there is still not a cure, it’s natural that an Alzheimer’s medical diagnosis in a loved one leads to several worries. [Read more…]

The Scientific Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

It appears instinctive to some folks that interacting socially with others improves wellbeing by keeping one connected to other people’s experiences, beliefs, challenges, humor, points of view, and a host of other human happenings. Now, scientific studies are displaying the benefits of social activities for seniors that could boost the wellness of both the brain and body. [Read more…]

Dementia Treatment In Your Back Pocket

Nowadays, music is more obtainable than ever before. For individuals who carry smartphones or tablets with them every place they go, thousands – if not millions of songs – are just several touches or finger swipes away. If you provide care for a senior individual, your smartphone can become one of the most useful tools in your possession in helping an elderly person thrive by awakening his or her emotional wellbeing with music. This widely circulated video recording from the Alive Inside documentary shows just how tremendously powerful music can be as a form of dementia treatment and to help older adults with restricted abilities. [Read more…]